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Case Study: Remington



Remington has been losing share to its larger competitors in the electric shaving category—a declining category at that. They asked us for ways to quickly revitalize the brand and make it relevant again, while helping to move its newest line of shavers. The client wanted to implement a more mainstream (traditional media) approach.


After conducting some targeted research, we learned that the key opportunity for growth in this category could be found in men under 30. We encouraged Remington to package and market a line of ‘starter’ razors to young men, in an effort to increase early adoption, develop brand loyalty over a period of time, and build a strong on-line presence. The CODE shaver was the first shaver specifically designed and targeted to guys 15-25. Initiatives included a complete on-line digital approach and a well targeted transit/print campaign. Our approach was to build a more consumer interactive brand, engage the consumer with relevant experiences that would gain brand traction.


Remington is just now introducing two new shavers specifically designed to appeal to younger men. If early online reaction is any indication, we may well be on our way to welcoming in a whole new generation of Remington electric shaver fans.

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