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Case Study: AmfAR



amfAR (the world’s largest and leading AIDS research foundation) wanted to raise it’s profile among the public as well as increase donations to fund it’s research. The current economic situation and the public’s distrust of large corporations were impacting amfAR’s ability to raise donations.


People do not give to corporations, they give to people. Fusion’s approach was to put a face on the corporation by leveraging the personalities of the scientists . By “sponsoring” a scientist, the donor felt that they were personally helping out an individual for the greater good. Additionally, they could take ownership for advances made in research. The program also allowed the donor to pass along the link to their friends because they felt it was legit and personable. The program was viral on all the social network sites which lead to greater acceptable and accessibility.


The Adopt-A-Scientist was the most successful e-philanthropy program in amfAR’s storied history. Not only did donations dramatically increase, but the response from the the donors and the scientist was beyond the anticipated results.

“This is what our client had to say about their Fusion experience”

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